Frequently Asked Questions

What you should expect from your photoshoot.


Photo-Shoot Prep Sheet and Frequently asked Questions

Who are you and what is a TLR 79?

Thank you for your interest in TLR 79 Photography.   First of all the name simply stands for my first camera, purchased as a child in 1979..   That “Twin Lens Reflex” or TLR camera was a manual tool that helped me learn the basics of photography.  I was in awe of the rich images that the camera and the format produced given the large negative and this look stuck with me throughout my life in photography and is a look that I seek to recreate in much of my digital work.

What’s Your Story?

I believe that the point of any photograph is to tell a story and my goal is to most effectively tell your story.  That story may be “look at who I am today” or look at my “ Alter-Ego” or here is a look at the me others rarely see.  Some of my clients honestly enjoy the fun of shooting images for themselves and keep those images for their own motivation.  Regardless of your vision for your shoot I will work with you to develop the concept, identify locations, determine the appropriate hair and makeup artist as well as assemble and advise on wardrobe to fit the concept.   Once we have your concepts, location and wardrobe established, we focus on you!!  Every shoot is as unique as the athlete or model involved.  To help yours to be as custom to you as possible I ask and advise the following:                                   

  • Despite the images that you see of others that you like, it is important to choose a style of photography that you feel comfortable shooting. Every style or genre is not for everyone, at least not in the very first shoot.
  • Send me photos similar to what you want to create for yourself.
  • Send me a couple of sentences or give me a call to discuss what you would like to accomplish through your photo-shoot and “What story you would like to tell”
  • Do you feel comfortable posing or do you like direction.  I will assist you regardless but it helps me to know your comfort level in front of the camera.
  • What will be the end uses for your photographs.  This helps me to direct you on wardrobe, location and makeup choices.

Posing and Facial expressions

If you are great at these two things then you are already going to do very well, if not, no worries, I will help you get there.  The best face is a relaxed face and I can usually build from there.  The most important thing to remember is to come to the shoot with as much energy as possible.  This shoot may actually substitute for your workout on that day.  Look at images that you love and as crazy as it sounds get in the mirror and practice perfecting the faces that you like best.

Clothing and Accessories

The images that you send me (as examples of what you like) will give some indication of the type of clothing and accessories to bring and we will discuss this prior to your shoot however a few things to remember when choosing images to shoot.  Do no bring something that you have shot in previously.  This is just not done.  You want your images to be unique and the clothing is a key element of the image.  Change it up.  Bring items that are either too different to wear often and of course shop for your shoot if you can afford it.  Consignment, resale and 2nd hand shops are great places to buy that wedding dress that you want to lay across a set of railroad tracks in or that vintage bears T shirt or even that pair of combat boots that you do not own but would love to have displayed in your shoot. Seriously, look for unique, vintage, fashion conscious clothing to shoot in.  It can make or break your shoot and I am here to help with direction there as well. 

Hair and Make-up services

Hair and Makeup can be done on-site or prior to arriving at the shoot.  I have options and favorites for shoots and can make recommendations depending on your individual style and concept.


To schedule a photo-shoot I require a minimum of 50% down to be paid through PayPal at the time of scheduling with the remainder due on the day of the shoot in cash.


If you have a studio or “ City” shoot planned then you will be meeting  up at the small studio as I call it which is located in Downtown Chicago near Franklin and Adams.  If you have a gym shoot planned then we will meet at Hi Fi Fitness at 820 N Orleans.  There are parking lots near both locations and public parking near both as well.

Proofs and Edited Photos

Well, your shoot is done and now all you need are your photos.  Once the shoot is complete, you will be sent a link to an on-line folder with your images.  These images are your proofs and are there for you to view only.  Not to post or download for use otherwise.  Please use the longer number with the dsc designation in front of the number to communicate which images you would like edited based on the number of images allowed in your package.  Proofs will be sent out no later than 72 hours following your shoot when done in Chicago and please allow 7 days if done while traveling.  Once you choose your favorites and send them to me please allow 10 to 14 days from that point for editing.  It does not always take that long but that is the buffer that I like to have so that I can review images the day after they have been edited.